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 Critque Show 1 24/8/19 Mrs Doreen McGugan

 In Show Photos Show 1. 24/8/2019

 Results Show 2 24/08/2019

 In Show Photos Show 2 24/8/2019

 In Show Photos Show 2 25 August 2018

 Critque Show 2 Lynne Hennessy

 Results Show 2 25 August 2018

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CRITIQUE – CGRC INC CHAMP PM SHOW Saturday 25 August 2018 - Mrs Lynne Hennessy, “Ritzilyn” UK 
Class 1 - Baby Puppy Dog 
First and second could change places very easily. At this tender age front on the first puppy was more settled, lay back somewhat better but two totally different types, both having lots to like.  
1st Sandlewood The Antz Pantz (AI)   Quality babe with nice head and expression, good lay, good length of upper arm. At this age slightly long in second thigh but he may take some of that up as he grows.   BABY PUPPY IN SHOW 
2nd   Goldsmith Hog N Th Limelite   Of super type with lots of substance and coat. Lay back not settled at this age. Good spring of ribs, strong loin, good quarter.  
3rd   Mistymoor Fly Me To The Moon  A puppy that’s looking better on the move than standing at the moment, creates a nice picture in profile. Strong bone. Good pigment.  
Class 3 – Puppy Dog 
1st   Speyside Steals The Thunder   Good lay of shoulder. Good length of upper arm. Creates a balanced picture when standing. Balanced angulation fore and aft. Good dark points. Overall a balanced puppy. Giving his handler a hard time.    2nd   Keridale Marlon Brando  In super pretty mid-gold coat. Stands on the very best of legs and feet, good dark points and dark eye. Just prefer front assembly of winner.  
Class 5 – Junior Dog 
Two nice dogs headed this class and can change places another day 
1st  Sandlewood Runa Mile In M’Shus  Really fell for this chap, pale boy shown in hard fit condition, love his height/length ratio. Stands on the very best of legs and feet. Moves true with good side action, excellent head carriage. Covers his ground with a long, easy stride. Nice head, a dog that knows he is special and commands attention. Shown in good coat and condition. Balanced angulation fore and aft with super front assembly. Handled and presented to advantage. Croup may be a little short but even on the best no one is perfect. Perfect level of maturity for his age.  RESERVE BEST IN SHOW, DCC, JUNIOR IN SHOW 
2nd  Mistymoor Kingsman   Very shapely strongly built dog. Mid gold in tip top condition. Again well handled and presented. Strong quarters. Good length of neck into lay of shoulder. Good top line, just stands a little wide in front for me. Moved well. Stylish quality dog. Handled to advantage.  
3rd   Glentreve Game-Set-And-Match   Typical Golden. Good hind angulation. Would prefer better front assembly but deserved his third place  here.  
Class 6 – Intermediate Dog 
1st   CH Sandlewood Take A Bow   Like this quality boy for his height/length ratio. Has good length of leg. Smartly presented, although would prefer a little less trimming around the throat. So much to like about this chap. Masculine head with gentle expression. Good straight forearm. Good feet. Overall a quality boy.   
2nd   CH Arctique Let The Thunda Roll   In beautiful coat and condition. Handled to advantage. Again, would prefer slightly less trimming around the throat area and a little more trimming around the chest area. Preferred the leg length of 1, otherwise a lot to like about this dog.  
3rd   CH Triple J Where Ever I May Roam   Overall, a typical Golden Retriever. Pigment not at its best but nevertheless a well-balanced typical head and I loved his steady, easy-going temperament. 
Class 7 - Limit Dog  
1st  Mistymoor Take It To The Limit   On standing shows a balanced angular outline with nothing too excess. Good spring of rib and strength of loin. Good dark points. Good side action. In pretty mid-gold coat. Would prefer a little more trimming around the chest area. 
2nd   Chaleur Say It Clear (IMP. AUST)  Typical two-year-old. Good length of leg. Firm top line. Flying his tail rather today. Hopefully this will improve with age and a more mature attitude. Otherwise a nice balanced dog for his two years. Good firm top line.  
Class 8 – NZ Bred Dog 
1st Kavandale Royal Kazaar (AI)   Typical Golden. Good substance and bone. Shown in excellent coat. Kindly head and expression. Lovely deep, broad quarters. An easy winner of this class. Just a little down on his pasterns, but otherwise overall a typical Golden.  NEW ZEALAND BRED IN SHOW 
2nd   CH Speyside Starry Knight   Five-year-old, balanced, rich gold with good height/length ratio holding his top line on the move.  
3rd   Mistymoor Monza  Very attentive to handler and an enthusiastic showman. Flying his tail today. Needs to mature in hindquarters. 
Class 9 – Stud Dog 
1st   CH Ralun Great Expectations (AI) (Import AUS)   Good sized male with good leg length. Gives his absolute best in the ring. Beautifully balanced and proportioned. Kindly beautiful head and expression. Overall, lovely chap. Lots to offer the breed. Lovely dark expressive eyes. Very attentive to his handler.   STUD DOG IN SHOW 
2nd  CH Speyside Casino Royale   Love the balance of this dog. A dog to be judged on the move. Holds his frame beautifully when moving. Good firm top line and tail carriage.  

 3rd   CH Arctique The Rain Maker   Superbly presented and handled, in the most beautiful coat. Kindly head and expression. Lovely broad hindquarters, for balance would just prefer a longer leg.  
Class 10 – Veteran Dog 
1st  CH Speyside Bon Chance CGCB   Eight years old. Still retaining his nice shape, holding his top line firm on the move. A rich gold dog typical of his breed. Good dark points. Gentle head and expression. Overall, a nice boy.  VETERAN IN SHOW 
2nd  Dobro Bobby Dazzler (Imp. Aust)   Such a lovely type a typical boy with the most lovely head and expression. Stands on the very best of legs and feet. Very close up to winner but today could carry less weight to advantage.  
3rd   Mistymoor Kindred-Spirit  Twelve years old and giving a lot of years to the other younger veterans. In his day I’m sure he had a very, very nice outline. Still has a good set of shoulders with good quarters. A charming Golden Retriever.  
Class 11 – Open Dog 
1st  Goldendream Back In Time   Well grown, glamorous dog of three years old shown in the most beautiful coat and condition. Creates a good picture when moving round the ring with a long, easy stride. He has strong bone, kindly head and expression with good dark points. Again, a little severe trimming around the throat but could do with a little thinning over the shoulders. Nevertheless, a really super boy. Strong quarters which he uses to advantage on the move.   RESERVE DOG CC 
2nd   Speyside Winter-Spark   Creates a balanced picture when standing. Balanced angulation fore and aft. Animated mover. Thoroughly deserved his second place in this class.  
3rd   Deorodawn Dixon of Honeyglen  When standing and steady creates quite an angular picture. A little unsettled today and moving a little close behind but a typical Golden Retriever.  
Class 1A - Baby Puppy Bitch 
1st  Gofetch Absolutely Fabulous   Lovely type of puppy, when settled shows good conformation. Good forehand construction. Lovely type. Shown in beautiful coat and condition. Confident baby with the sweetest head and lovely, lovely dark points. Well grown. Going to be a good size bitch.  
2nd   Goldsmith No Prompt Needed   Similar remarks apply. Just a little less mature. Beautiful head with dark points. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Strong hindquarters. Not quite as settled on her top line as the winner but this is just a developing time. Otherwise a lovely puppy which I’m sure has a bright future.  

 3rd   Mistymoor What a Girl Wants  Liked this puppy very much when I could finally catch a glimpse of her. Lots to like about her. Stands on good bone, pretty head with dark points. Needs to grow into her angulation which you would expect at this age. Four puppies in the class, all were very, very nice. 
Class 2A – Minor Puppy Bitch 
1st Keridale Agent Flash Of Past                                                                                                                                                                                      Nine months old. Holds her top line well on the move. Of good type. Strong broad quarters. Good tail set. For preference would prefer a less round eye, but very good dark points. Stood alone in her class but a typical Golden.  MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW 
Class 3A - Puppy Bitch 
              Two nice bitches headed this class.  
1st  Mistymoor See You Again   Compact, mid-gold, shown in full coat. Nicely presented and handled. Of nice type. Would just prefer half an inch on her leg but a nice bitch nevertheless. Stood in front of another very nice bitch.   PUPPY IN SHOW 
2nd   Gofetch Light Me Up   Totally different type to winner and will need more time. Good top line and tail set. Moved well. Just showing a little bit too much daylight under the loin today to give a balanced picture. But two lovely girls that I’m sure have got a bright future.  
3rd   Keridale Cleopatra   Absolutely table-top top line, lovely tail set. Lovely hind quarters. Needs a little more front angulation but nevertheless a typical Golden bitch.  
Class 5A - Junior Bitch 
1st  Rowangold Stepp’n Stones With Casadeoro   Only two but two very nice bitches. The first bitch absolute table-top top line with perfect tail set. A picture of total and complete balance for height/length ratio. Super strong hindquarters. One misaligned tooth in an otherwise perfect mouth. A very, very nice bitch with good dark points. Would prefer a slightly less round eye nevertheless very nice.  
2nd   Rosegreen Il Mio Sogno  Well grown bitch of lovely type. To judge this bitch at her best she needs to be watched on the move. A good long, easy stride, covers her ground well and shows a picture of balance. Does tend to rock back when her handler is stacking her, but otherwise a very nice typical bitch.  
Class 6A - Intermediate Bitch 
Winners of Intermediate Bitch, just the two but both worthy winners. 
1st  Goldsmith Pass The Salt   Pale gold, shown in beautiful coat. Good lay of shoulder into good length of upper arm. Stands on the very best of legs and feet. Super broad hind quarters. Stepped out well on the move. Very pretty, feminine head.   INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW 
2nd   Triple J Nothing Else Matters  Lovely type shown in rich gold coat with pale feathering. Another one that is best judged on the move as this is where she comes into her own. Very attentive to her handler. Creates a balanced picture with equal angulation fore and aft. Expressive, kind head.  
Class 7A - Limit Bitch 
1st  Triple J Iced Honey CDX RN   Won this class as she holds her frame beautifully on the move. Super top line. Good straight forearms with neat feet. Well-presented and handled. Stood in front of an otherwise very nice bitch, just had the edge on top line on the move.   LIMIT IN SHOW 
2nd   Speyside French Liaison   Appeared a little unsettled which is perhaps why she dropped her top line when moving. However, she did have the best neck and shoulders in the class. Not in her best coat today but otherwise has a lot to like.  
3rd   Kellda Of Sirrah  Charming feminine bitch with the softest of expressions which I’m sure matches her temperament. Very attentive to her handler. A dear Golden girl.  
Class 8A – NZ Bred Bitch 
1st  Glentreve Play-Time At Goldenkiwi   Well grown bitch of substance. Nice type, good top line. Strong quarters. Stands on the best of legs and feet. Good flow of neck into shoulder. Goes round the ring with a long, easy stride. A sound bitch. One that I would say could be an excellent brood.  
2nd   CH Mistymoor Caught In The Act   Shapely bitch. Unfortunately completely out of coat today and very over-weight which tends to spoil her front movement. However, you can see her general construction which is good.  
3rd   Arctique April Rain  Bitch shown in good fettle. In pretty mid-gold coat with pale feathering. Short coupled. Just would prefer a better tail set. Otherwise, a typical Golden girl.  
Class 9A – Brood Bitch 
1st  CH Glentreve On The Wings Of Dove At Triple J   Rich gold bitch of super type with pale feathering. Good dark points. Typical head. Good straight forearm. Dead level top line. Good tail set. Creates a balanced, attractive typical picture.   BROOD BITCH IN SHOW 
2nd Mistymoor That’s Nice   Similar remarks apply. Very similar in type. Another shown in good coat and condition. Gentle head and expression. Good straight forearm. Overall, a typical Golden girl.  
3rd   CH Speyside Delta-Tango With Keridale  A well grown bitch. Not in her best coat today so showing rather a lot of daylight underneath. Good dark points. Firm level top line.  
Class 10A - Veteran 
1st  Seacove Purdey   To describe this bitch I would say neat, sound and showy. Very attentive to her handler. Creates a lovely picture when free-stood on a loose lead. Firm, level top line. Good strong hindquarters. Good side action. Charming pretty head. Stands on good legs and feet. Doesn’t carry a huge coat but certainly fits her frame and shows off her virtues. A worthy winner.  
2nd   CH Arctique Fire And Rain   Happy go lucky lovely temperament. Firm top line. Well angulated fore and aft. Good dark eye with good pigment. Thoroughly enjoying her day out.  
3rd   CH J’More Kelima Of Mturk  Could carry less weight to advantage but on closer examination you can see that there is a good conformation under the coat. Happy, confident temperament. Still enjoying her day out. A typical Golden girl.  
Class 11A - Open 1st  CH Arctique Summer Rain  Oozes quality. Shown in full gleaming coat which was presented to perfection. The prettiest of heads, beautiful clean neck into well laid shoulders. Super top line, tail set. Stands on the very best of legs and feet. For my own personal preference I would trim a little off the belly feathering for overall balance. Otherwise, just absolutely gorgeous.  BEST IN SHOW, BCC, OPEN IN SHOW 
2nd   CH Glentreve A-Moment-In-Time At Goldenkiwi   Different type to winner but very close up. Very much my cup of tea. A picture of total balance and quality but unfortunately today not in her best coat. Super neck. The firmest of top lines into perfect tail set.   RESERVE BITCH CC 
3rd   CH Sandlewood Ivy’s A Gamble   Another lovely girl. Beautifully made. Sadly had dead tail today, obviously affecting her tail carriage. But otherwise a lovely bitch, built on the soundest of lines. Beautifully balanced height to length. Overall, a quality bitch.       

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