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 Critque Show 1 24/8/19 Mrs Doreen McGugan

 In Show Photos Show 1. 24/8/2019

 Results Show 2 24/08/2019

 In Show Photos Show 2 24/8/2019

 In Show Photos Show 2 25 August 2018

 Critque Show 2 Lynne Hennessy

 Results Show 2 25 August 2018

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Should be of a symmetrical, active, powerful dog, a good level mover, sound and well put together, with a kindly expression, not clumsy nor long in the leg.

Head and Skull:
Broad-skull, well set on a clean and muscular neck, muzzle powerful and wide, not weak-jawed, good stop.

Dark and set well apart, very kindly in expression, with dark rims.

Well proportioned, of moderate size and well set on.

Teeth should be sound and strong. Neither overshot nor undershot, the lower teeth just behind but touching the upper.

The neck should be clean and muscular.

The forelegs should be straight with good bone. Shoulders should be well laid back and long in blade.

Well-balanced, short coupled and deep through the heart. Ribs deep and well sprung.

The loins and legs should be strong and muscular, with good second thighs and well bent stifles. Hocks well let down, not cow-hocked.

Round and cat-like, not open or splay.

Should not be carried too gay or curled at the tip.

Should be flat or wavy with good feathering and dense, water-resisting undercoat.  

Any shade of gold or cream, but neither red nor mahogany. The presence of a few white hairs on chest permissible. White collar, feet, toes or blaze should be penalised. Nose should be black.

Weight and Size:
The average weight in good hard condition should be: Dogs: 32 - 37 kg (70 - 80 lb) Bitches: 27 - 32 kg (60 - 70 LB).

Height at shoulder:
Dogs: 56 - 61 cm (22 - 24 in) Bitches: 51 - 56 cm (20 - 22 in).

Note:  Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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