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New Zealand



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 Critque Show 1 24/8/19 Mrs Doreen McGugan

 In Show Photos Show 1. 24/8/2019

 Results Show 2 24/08/2019

 In Show Photos Show 2 24/8/2019

 In Show Photos Show 2 25 August 2018

 Critque Show 2 Lynne Hennessy

 Results Show 2 25 August 2018

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Guidelines for responsible Members/Breeders/Owners
1. Standard of the Breed
The Breed standard is a written criterion developed by the Golden Retriever Club which describes the perfect Golden Retriever. With this in mind, members should breed to conform to the standard, always striving to produce a better dog.
2. Hereditary Defects
Members should endeavour to breed dogs that are free from hereditary defects (including hip dysplasia, OCD, eye disorders, cataracts, PRA, entropion), bad temperament and structural defects. The Central Golden Retriever Club encourages participation in annual eye examinations for this purpose, and has available for any member requesting it, a report from our Honorary Veterinary Surgeon; requests to be addressed to the Secretary.
3. Sale of Puppies
Breeders should carefully "vet" all prospective new owners in an endeavour to place their puppies in suitable homes. They should also maintain regular contact with all puppy buyers, if possible, and encourgae them to call if they have problems. The Club will help place puppies for financial members, but expects these guidelines, especially (2) to be conscientiously followed.
4. General Health
Members should maintain all their dogs in the bes possible health and care, and have them regularly checked by their veterinarian.
5. Honesty in Representation
Members should represent their dogs honestly, avoiding misleading or untruthful statemetns in selling and/or advertising, and denigration of other owners or breeders.
6. Community Relations
Members should ensure that their dogs are registered with the local council and are not a nuisance to their neighbours or the community in general. To this end, they should be given basic behavioural trainging and be properly supervised and controlled at all times.
7. Sportmanship
Members should show good sportsmanship whether winning or losing at any event and in no way denigrate the dogs of others.
8. Conduct of Members
Every member has an obligation to uphold the honour of the Club in the improvement of the Golden Retriever Breed.

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