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 In Show Photos Show 1. 25 August 2018

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Thank you for the opportunity of judging at the Central Golden Retriever Club. Championship Show. I had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed the dogs. Really confirmed the place in my heart this breed will always have. Thank you to my steward and to all those who made the show the wonderful day it was and also to those who looked after us so well over the weekend. Thank you to the exhibitors for bringing your lovely dogs for my assessment.  It was great to catch up with breeders I had not seen for quite some time and to see those great friends of many decades I donít visit often enough.
Looking back in the catalogue at past shows, I see it was 1998 when I last judged your show. Twenty years ago!   Some exhibitors present today, may have been in their early years, and some not even born!  Does make one look back and reflect. This year, I celebrate FIFTY years since the first golden retriever came into my life.
As overview of the breed, I felt that overall the majority of exhibits displayed good proportions and correct balance for the breed. By that I mean a pleasing overall picture to the eye.  I am not into the exact science of measuring this bit against that bit, as we know nature does not create in a textbook fashion.  It is what appeals overall when you weigh up all the pros and cons to end up with the best animal on the day. 
The standard calls for a ďperfect, regular and complete scissor biteĒ.  On the whole I found mouths good. I am no tooth fairy, but I do expect the top teeth to closely overlap the bottom in a scissor bite.  There were some dropped and crooked bottom teeth, but the scissor bite was still there.  I only had one exhibit I felt I needed to penalize.  Another judge may have different goal posts.  How boring if we all thought the same.  
Heads overall were pleasing and in balance whether the dog stood at the lower or higher end of the height scale. Eye shape on the whole was good and I didnít find any expressions to cause me concern.  Mostly of a soft or kindly nature and of the correct dark colour.  A light eye can spoil that beautiful expression which to me denotes the kindness and gentleness of our breed.
Temperament on the whole was good. Some youngsters needed settling which should happen in time.  It is all rather daunting for the very young. I was pleased to see them more settled in the second show.  Very few adults were unsure.  A couple of males rather in charge of their owners and displayed over the top natures.  The breed should be biddable and wanting to please. I didnít hear any aggression but there were some proud tails which spoils the overall impression and balance of the dog and can influence on placings.  
Toplines on the whole were good, both standing and on the move. Just a few softer than ideal, sometimes due to slightly longer backs.  Movement out and back varied, as it does in all countries. Generally, I found the side gait pleasing with the winners displaying better reach and drive.
Many exhibits were out of coat and lacked bloom making it difficult to assess for a double coat.  This impacted on close decisions.  Some exhibits were rather harshly trimmed.  Make sure you trim your dog positively to enhance, not to detract.  It should look as natural as possible.  Some trimming made a good forequarter look unnatural.  
Dare I say exhibits could have been cleaner.  My hands were quite dirty at the end of the day. We have a beautiful breed.  To present a dog that has not been washed is an insult to a judge.  My pet hate in any breed I judge is a dirty dog.  On the other side of the scale, some were groomed and presented beautifully and were a credit to their handlers. Thank you to those who took the time for me.
I had the best of days.  Thank you once again for this wonderful experience.


BABY PUPPY DOG My first impression of this class when it came into the ring was what a lovely class of quality babies.
1 Sandlewood The Antz Pantz (AI) P Nelson & P Gordon
Five month old cream boy. Stunning puppy, one with a very bright future. A scopey boy as he should be at this age to allow for room to mature. Presented an impressive outline with correct proportions and moderate bone throughout. Attractive head perfectly balanced with a muzzle of good length.  Dark eye and excellent pigment. A well laid shoulder, provided a lovely flow into his level topline.  Straight limbs down to tight feet. Well-turned stifles, correct tail carriage and a happy nature completed the picture.  Once he settled, it was evident he would be a sound mover when mature.
2 Mistymoor Fly Me To The Moon J Cook
Four and a half month old mid gold. Another promising puppy.  Pleasing outline and proportions, well balanced head, excellent pigment and dark eye with kindly expression.  Adequate layback with balanced angulation at both ends, level topline. Correct bone down to tight feet. Needed to settle in movement but when he did he moved well with level topline and good tail carriage.  A lovely happy youngster. 
3 Goldsmith Hog N Th Limelite K Price
Five month old mid gold. Presented a pleasing picture. Appealing head, soft expression and dark eye. Not quite the shoulder layback of the two in front which spoilt the smooth flow of neck into shoulder and onto topline. His fore and hind angulation were balanced with strong limbs down to tight feet. He held a level topline on the move and displayed a lovely temperament. 
 Mistymoor Mighty Murph A Weeds
Mighty Murph indeed! Four and a half months old,  very naughty and quite in charge at the moment, which made it difficult to assess. However, I wanted to critique this youngster, as underneath the naughtiness, is a promising golden. Pleasing head, kind expression, dark eye, dark pigment, good topline and strong limbs.  Just needs to get it together with his mother as a team to show off what he has to offer.  

MINOR PUPPY DOG - ABSENT 1 Keridale Agent Tyde to Time Absent
Puppy Dog This was an interesting class.  Both nice puppies for varying reasons
1 Speyside Steals The Thunder A Stevens
Eight months old, pale gold. Stole the Thunder he did. I had to look past his behaviour into the puppy underneath and what my hands told me on examination. His young handler did an amazing job, never giving up or getting flustered with his rather unruly charge. Pleasing outline, attractive head in balance with muzzle, kind, alert expression, dark eye and good pigment.  Well laid shoulder and well bent stifles. Level topline, strong limbs to tight feet and an outgoing temperament, enjoying every minute of his misbehaviour! I was relieved to see in the afternoon show that he had learnt some manners, when the more experienced handler took over, thus confirming my thoughts.
2 Keridale Marlon Brando Y Malaquin
Nine months gold. A pretty boy. This was a hard one, as here was the very opposite in composure and trained to perfection. There was a lot to like about this boy. He presented a more squarish outline. He has an attractive head, dark eye, soft expression and good pigment. His angulation fore and aft was balanced but I preferred that of the winner.  Straight limbs down to tight feet and a level topline.  A better layback would improve the blend of his neck into shoulder. Added to this his handler stood too close to him, pushing his head back onto his shoulders, creating a right angle, rather than a smooth sweep. This didnít help his profile. He moved confidently around the ring.  I would have preferred more reach and drive and he was rather proud of his tail. In between coats. He is going to have a lovely coat of good texture when he matures.


 1 Sandlewood Runa Mile in MíShus (AI) G Nelson & P Gordon
Seventeen month cream. Scopey lad.  Impresses at first glance, yet to body up, as it should be at this age. Displays a pleasant outline with good proportions.  Well balanced head and muzzle, correct bite, dark eye, rather soulful expression and good pigment. A good layback enables a smooth sweep of neck into his strong topline. Adequate forechest for his age. Well-knit body.  Strong straight limbs down to tight feet. Well-turned stifles and strong hindquarters, which he used on the move. Still to coat up, but the texture is correct.  He moved smoothly and effortlessly around the ring, good reach and drive, strong topline and happy outgoing nature. A workmanlike dog, with good ring presence.  I think he will be one to watch for the future.
2 Glentreve Game Set and Match S Colvin
Thirteen months light gold. Very attractive dog overall of an appealing style. Quite together for his age. Pleasant outline and proportions, attractive well balanced head with deep powerful muzzle and kindly expression, correct bite. Adequate forequarter and hindquarter construction, although preferred that of the winner, strong bone to tight feet. Strong topline. Moved happily around the ring, excellent temperament, attractive coat of correct texture.
3 Mistymoor Kingsman J Cook
Twenty one month, gold.  Attractive dog in lovely double coat. Presents a longer lower profile to those in front. Attractive head with soft expression and good pigment. Correct bite. Well laid shoulders, showing off a smooth flow of neck into shoulders and onto his topline which was a little soft both standing and on the move.  Strong bone down to tight feet. Well-turned stifles. He moved smoothly around the ring but did not use his hindquarters well.

INTERMEDIATE DOG Enjoyed this class

1 Ch Sandlewood Take a Bow (AI) S Flemming, G Nelson, P Gordon
Three year old gold. Loved this dog. Handsome, well-knit fellow, of excellent shape and correct breed proportions. He entered the ring with style and great presence. Beautifully presented and handled in lovely gold coat.  Attractive head with dark eye and kindly expression.  Strong muzzle in perfect balance with his head. Correct bite. Well laid shoulders with balanced upper arm, providing a beautiful flow of neck into shoulders to a level topline. Straight legs with good bone and tight feet.  Well sprung ribs, deep chest with good fill, correct length of leg. Well-turned stifle in balance and strong quarters. Moved smoothly and effortlessly around the ring with good reach and drive, stood four square upon return.  Reserve Challenge Dog 
2 Ch Arctique Let The Thunda Roll L Steed
Two and a half years, gold. A pretty dog. Longer and lower in profile to the winner.  Attractive head, dark eye and kindly expression. Correct bite. Well laid shoulder, giving a lovely flow of neck into shoulder onto a level topline.  Adequate upper arm, with good prosternum and well sprung ribs. Straight legs to tight feet. Wellturned stifles.  Moved smoothly with good reach and drive, level topline and correct tail carriage. Beautifully presented in full bloom, a little too severe with the trimming. 
3 Ch Triple J Where Ever I May Roam M Fortune
Fourteen months cream.  A pleasant dog in profile. Good length of leg proportion and pleasing outline. Well balanced head, could have better pigment and a darker eye but his expression did not offend.  Strong topline, good bone, tight feet, correct coat texture.  Wellturned stifle and strong hindquarters. Moved smoothly around ring. Just preferred the overall picture of the two in front

 1 Chaleur Say It Clear  (imp Aust) M Penney
Two and a half years, cream dog of good size, shape and proportions. Attractive well balanced head, kindly expression, strong muzzle, winter nose, good depth of chest and coupling, adequate forehand construction, straight limbs to tight feet.  Level topline standing and on the move, well -turned stifles, strong quarters. Would have liked to see a bit more reach and drive from this boy today.
2 Mistymoor Take It To The Limit J Cook
Two years, gold.  Smaller in stature. A pleasing outline in balance with his size.  Prefer the proportions of the winner.  Attractive head, perhaps more muzzle would balance perfectly, dark eye, kindly expression. Adequate forequarter, although shoulders felt loaded, causing him to stand wide in front, well-turned stifles. A smooth mover in profile with good tail carriage.  I would like to see him use his hindquarters more. Well-presented and in lovely coat.

NZ BRED DOG A class which could go any way.
1 Ch Speyside Starry Knight M Pitcher
Six years gold. I could describe this boy as a nice honest happy sound moving golden. Whilst I would like better fore and hind angulation, what he has is balanced at each end. He has a pleasant outline and good leg proportions, an attractive head, typical expression, good pigment and straight bone to tight feet. Good depth of chest, level topline and his free movement around the ring, put him on the first peg today.    
2 Mistymoor Monza A Aamodt
Three years cream.  Attractive style,  pleasing outline and proportions. Appealing head in good balance, kindly expression, level topline, adequate fore and hind angulation, good depth of chest.  Moved with adequate reach and drive.  Was a bit proud of his tail today.
 3 Kavandale Royal Kazaar (AI) C Stevens & K Van Den Berg
Four and a half years gold. Attractive dog overall, longer in outline and a little shorter in leg to those in front. Balanced head, kindly expression, strong bone to tight feet, well angulated fore and aft, longer in back and not as strong in topline as those in front. In lovely coat, lets himself down on the move when he does not use his hindquarters to advantage. 

STUD DOG These three dogs could change places any day
1 Speyside Casino Royale P Munro
Seven and a half years, light gold.  Another overall pleasant golden retriever that you just have to smile at. I fell in love with this dog when I looked into his eyes.  On the smaller side of the standard, but all is in balance for his size.  Whilst I would like more fore and hind angulation, what he has is balanced.  Appealing head with the most gorgeous dark eye and melting expression.  That look that just wins your heart.  It put him to the first peg. Nothing overdone about this boy. Correct moderate bone down to tight feet and good quarters. Strong level topline which he held on the move. Nice to see for a dog of his age.  His solid  temperament, correct tail carriage and positive movement sealed the deal.  Another handler who tended to stand too close and push her dogs neck back onto his shoulders.
2 Ch Arctique The Rain Maker L Steed
Four and a half years.  An eye catching dog, presented beautifully in lovely light gold coat. He displayed an attractive picture.  I would like a little more leg to improve his proportions. A most appealing head, dark eye and kindly expression.  Good forehand construction in balance with his well-turned stifles.  A lovely reach of neck flowed smoothly into level topline. Strong bone to tight feet. Well sprung ribs and good forechest. Moved smoothly with level topline and correct tail carriage
3 Ch Ralun Great Expectations (AI) (Imp Aust) M Penney
Five and a half years, handsome cream dog of a different style to those in front.  A good size, but all is in balance with correct proportions. Masculine head with strong muzzle in balance. He has a pleasant expression but today I preferred the melting expression of those in front. I would like more layback to his forehand construction. Good depth of chest, well coupled, and well-turned stifles and strong quarters. Today he stood too often with a soft topline.  Moved smoothly around the ring, showing off his happy nature

1 Ch Speyside Bon Chance CGCB A Milsted
Seven years old. Gold. Another pleasant overall honest style of dog.  Good shape, balance and proportions, balanced head and muzzle, dark eye and kindly expression, balanced angulation fore and aft, smooth neck flowing topline, well boned, straight legs to tight feet. Moved happily and smoothly around the ring holding his topline with correct tail carriage presenting a pleasing picture.
2 Dobro Bobby Dazzler (imp Aust) T Hinton and A Wallace
Nine and a half years. A lovely style of good shape and proportions. In excellent condition for his age. Pleasing masculine head with dark eye, although I preferred the expression on the winner, winter nose, good forequarter and hind angulation, deep chest, well sprung ribs with forechest. Well-knit body, strong topline, correct coat,  moved smoothly and positively for his age, good temperament.
3 Mistymoor Kindred-Spirit C Stevens & J Cook
Twelve and a half years,  pale gold. Bless him Ė he would have been a lovely dog in his day and still is !!  A lovely style of good shape, nicely angulated fore and aft, attractive head with kindly expression. Showed his years on the move. 

1 Goldendream Back In Time M Snowdon
3  years.  Very attractive eye-catching lad displaying a beautiful wavy cream coat in full bloom. He demanded attention when he entered the ring. Of a good size, well angulated throughout he presented a balanced picture of correct proportions. Nothing overdone about this boy.  Attractive head, dark eye and kindly expression. Correct bite.  Underneath his beautiful wavy locks my hands found good forehand construction, deep chest, forechest, well sprung ribs, strong coupling and straight limbs to tight feet. To complete I felt a gentle sweep of his moderate neck into a solid topline and, well bent stifles with strong quarters.  He moved smoothly and effortlessly at correct speed for our breed, holding a strong topline and good tail carriage.  Beautifully handled and presented, he portrayed a lovely picture and a worthy Dog CC Best in Show Winner today.  I was pleased to learn later, it isnít his first award at this level.
2 Speyside Winter-Spark R Bland
Six and a half years. Gold dog of good shape and proportions. Pleasant head with kindly expression, balanced forequarter and hindquarter angulation, strong topline which he held on the move, a happy personality, moved smoothly around the ring with purpose.  Not in good coat, which was unruly.
3 Deorodawn Dixon of Honeyglen R Corbett
Six years. Gold.  Good shape,  pleasing head, strong muzzle,  kindly expression, adequate angulation fore and aft.  Would like tighter feet. Quite a handful and over the top personality wise and very much in charge of the situation.  Needs to settle more in the ring to  show off his best. 
BABY PUPPY BITCH A class of naughty babies.  Another day or a month down the track and any could swap places as they grow
 1 Gofetch Absolutely Fabulous L Handley
Five months Gold. Promising puppy.  Was unsettled after entering the ring but settled once moved away to another section. Pleasant balance for age, pretty feminine head with dark pigment and kindly expression, balanced angles fore and aft. Good topline for age.  Once settled, she presented a nice picture moving with good tail carriage
2 Mistymoor Whos That Girl J Cook
Four months. Happy puppy, pleasing shape, feminine, attractive head and kindly expression, dark pigment, good topline for age moved confidently around the ring and good angles fore and aft     3 Mistymoor What A Girl Wants J Cook Four months. Another promising puppy, pleasing shape, feminine pretty head with dark pigment eye and kindly expression, one who also needed to settle

Minor Puppy Bitch 

1 Keridale Agent Flash of Past  
F Collins & L MacKenzie-Goodwin
Nine months Gold.  A well-knit young lady for her age..  Good leg proportion.  I would like better forehand and hindquarter angulation to improve her overall outline. What she does have, however, is balanced at both ends. The appearance of her length of neck and flow into shoulder could be improved if the handler did not stand so close, forcing her head back onto her shoulders. Strong head and large eye but still kind in expression. Strong level topline, good bone, straight limbs to tight feet, strong hindquarters, moved confidently, in between coats. Overall an honest style of bitch. Happy temperament.

Puppy Bitch
1 Gofetch Light Me UP L Handley
Twelve months. Cream. Attractive girl of a lovely style, pleasing balance with good proportions. A pretty girl with feminine head, dark eye, gentle kind expression, and good pigment. Balanced forehand and hind angulation. Smooth flow from neck onto good topline. Straight limbs onto tight feet. She moved smoothly around the ring displaying her happy temperament.  

2 Keridale Cleopatra Y Malaquin
Nine months, gold. Pleasant outline, good leg proportion. Preferred the angles fore and aft of the one in front.. Strong head, loved her dark eye, although my preference was for the softer expression of the winner.  Excellent pigment and strong level topline.   Well-knit body for her age. She moved confidently around the ring, a little proud of her tail today. 
3 Mistymoor See You Again J Cook
Ten months. Gold. Very difficult to assess this puppy.  She needed to settle, and her behaviour didnít do her justice. I felt a little sorry for her as she was trying her hardest but just couldnít understand what was expected.  I was pleased to see her more at ease in the afternoon show.  She had a pretty feminine head and expression with dark eye and kindly expression. Smooth flow of neck into shoulder, good angulation fore and aft.  As she was presented to me today she was a tad long and low in outline and proportions.

JUNIOR BITCH Two honest bitches and a difficult decision to make
1 Rosegreen Il Mio Sogno J Helyar Two years, gold.  Overall a pleasing picture and a nice honest style of bitch. Feminine head with dark eye and kindly expression.  Correct bite. Well laid shoulder, would prefer a little more upper arm, level topline. Well bent stifles and strong hindquarters.  Strong bone to tight feet.  She moved confidently around the ring and overall presented a pleasing package.
2 Rowangold Steppín Stones with Casadeoro T Hinton
Nearly 2 years .Gold.  A difficult decision here.  Lovely shape and proportions. She had a feminine head with dark eye and kindly expression, would prefer scissor bite, beautiful flow of neck into shoulders, into a level topline. Good forehand angulation.  Well-turned stifle and strong hindquarters.  Once settled on the move performed well.

1 Goldsmith Pass The Salt K Price
Two and a half years. Cream. Pretty girl. An attractive style, presents a pleasing outline, feminine head, with lovely dark eye and softest  expression.  Her adequate forehand construction allows a smooth flow of neck onto level topline. Straight legs to tight feet. Well-turned stifle with strong hindquarters.  Moved confidently around the ring presenting a lovely picture. 

2 Triple J Nothing Else Matters M Fortune
Two years, gold. An appealing girl of a different style, presents overall a pleasing outline and good proportions.  Attractive rather strong head, the most beautiful expression with dark eye and pigment. Adequate angulation in front, well-turned stifles and good quarters.  Straight legs to tight feet, level topline. Moved happily around the ring showing off her lovely gold coat.


1 Triple J Iced Honey CDX RN M Frahm
Twenty two months. Cream.  Pretty bitch of pleasing outline and construction.  Feminine head, typical golden expression and good pigment. Well-knit body, balanced angulation fore and aft. Smooth flow of neck into shoulder, good bone to tight feet  and level topline. Moved happily around the ring presenting herself beautifully. 
2 Speyside French Liaison P Munro
Three years, light gold.  A lot to like about this young lady. An honest style.  Feminine head with good pigment and soft expression. Good leg proportion and outline. Good flow from neck into shoulder and onto level back, which although little longer than the one in front. Good forehand, well-turned stifle, perhaps a tad long in hock.  Straight front legs onto tight feet, good depth of chest and strong coupling.  She presented a super picture on the stack but tended to run a little downhill when moving. 
3 Kellda  of Sirrah D Harris
Three years, light gold.  A pretty girl, feminine head with kindly expression.  I would prefer more angle fore and aft, but they are balanced.  Level topline, good depth of chest and a confident mover.  


1 Glentreve Play-Time at goldenkiwi D Edwards
Four and a half years. Lovely blonde bitch of an attractive style, scopey pleasing outline of correct proportion. Balanced angles fore and aft.  Feminine head with dark eye, kindly expression and good pigment.  Strong muzzle.  Well laid shoulder, allowing smooth flow of neck into shoulder and level topline.  Well-turned stifle, strong hindquarters.  Moved beautifully around the ring, presenting a lovely picture, holding her topline with good tail carriage.  Not quite in full bloom today.  Reserve Challenge 
2 Ch Mistymoor Caught In The Act J Cook
Seven years light gold.  Pretty girl carrying a bit too much weight and very much without her clothes. She is a lovely style, with kindly expression and feminine head.  A little more leg would enhance her outline and balance her proportions. She had good forequarter and hindquarter angulation, a very deep chest and a smooth flow of neck into shoulder.  Not as good in topline, nor as smooth in gait as the winner.


1 Ch Glentreve On The Wings of Dove At Triple J M Fortune
 Six years. Dark Gold. Really liked this girl. Presented a lovely picture with her beautiful head, dark eye pigment and soft expression. Symmetrical outline and good proportions. Good forehand and hind angulation, smooth flow of neck into shoulders onto her level topline. Well sprung ribs and good depth of chest.  Straight limbs to tight feet. Well-knit body. In lovely deep gold coat, she moved beautifully around the ring.  Unfortunately, she didnít show herself as well in the CC line up. 
2 Ch Speyside DetaTango with Keridale P Munro & Y Malaquin
Four and a half years.  Light gold. Overall a pleasant honest bitch. Scopier than the one in front.  Feminine head of good balance; I preferred the eye and expression of the one in front. Well laid shoulder and balanced upper arm, straight limbs to tight feet.  A nice sweep of neck into shoulders onto
her level topline. Moderate turn of stifle would prefer perhaps a little lower in hock.   Moved confidently. Not in full coat today.  

3 Ch Seacove Hidden Treasure J Bedford
Four and a half years. Cream.  A lovely style but not presented at her best.  Preferred the outline and proportion of those in front. The prettiest of feminine heads with beautiful dark eye and kindly expression.  Well laid shoulder, allowing a smooth flow onto topline, which could be stronger. Would prefer a shorter back. Well sprung ribs and adequate turn of stifle.  In soft condition, and not in her best coat today .


 1 Seacove Purdey J Bedford
Eight years,  Cream Sweet and feminine.  A lovely style, but not presented at her best.  A pretty girl, feminine head, dark eye and soft expression. Could see some flowing lines and she had adequate forehand and hind angulation.  Very much out of coat.  She tends to prance on the move and not use her hindquarters.  
2 Ch JíMore Kelima of Mturk B Austin
Eight years, Gold. Pleasant feminine head, kindly expression, her shape and proportions are quite good. Adequate fore and hindquarter angulation, well sprung rib, deep chest, flowing line over neck onto topline.  Thick coat of good texture, docile temperament, very much on the tubby side today.

OPEN BITCH Three lovely girls
1 Ch Arctique Summer Rain L Steed
Four and a half years. Light gold.  Eye-catching girl.  So pretty and feminine. Well balanced head with the most beautiful dark eye and breath taking melting expression. Just won my heart.  The rest was just as impressive. Beautiful neck with flowing lines into her well laid shoulder and onto her level topline. Upper arm set well under her body, well sprung ribs, deep chest and lovely forechest.   Straight front legs with strong bone down to tight feet.  Well-turned stifles, strong quarters and low hocks. For perfection I would prefer a little more length of leg, but I could not deny her overall quality today. She was in full bloom and presented beautifully. On the move she owned the ring, moving positively out and back and smoothly around, holding her topline with correct tail carriage.  A real joy to watch,  Worthy bitch CC and Reserve in Show.
2 Ch Glentreve A Moment In Time at Goldenkiwi D Edwards & G Fletcher
Seven and a half years. Light gold. Quality bitch of a lovely style. Well balanced with good proportions.  Attractive head with soft feminine expression.  Pleasing length of neck flowing into a well laid shoulder and onto level topline.  Good upper arm, well sprung ribs, deep chest and adequate forechest.  Moved out well around the ring, holding topline with good tail carriage.  She pushed hard for the top awards but was not in the best bloom or coat today. 
3 Ch Sandlewood Ivys A Gamble G Nelson & P Gordon
Five years cream.  Another quality bitch.  Pretty girl with appealing feminine head and soft expression.  Well balanced with good proportions. Good length of neck with smooth flow into her level topline.  Balanced forequarter and hindquarter angulation. Strong quarters. Straight feet down to tight feet. Not in her best coat today. She moved out well despite the chill in her tail. 
  Three lovely bitches. Interesting to see them all in full bloom together again

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